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Airway Orthodontics and MARPE

A practice dedicated to the developing science of airway health and the factors which lead to sleep problems in adult and child patients.

Are you having difficulty breathing? Aligned Healing is here to help you improve your breathing with a palate expander and give you a confident smile that covers your whole mouth. Call our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Safavi, NOW at (303) 226-6265 and take the first step toward improving your breathing and smile.

Airway Orthodontics is about straightening impacted teeth to help you breathe easily. MARPE, on the other hand, is a non-surgical technique designed to widen your upper jaw and help in better breathing. These methods can improve your facial structure and help you look and feel great.

Our skilled dentists at Aligned Healing can improve your health and give you a beautiful smile with airway orthodontics. Our highly experienced dental team always listens to your concerns and ensures you feel comfortable during your dental procedures for complete relief.

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What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway Orthodontics aligns your facial structure so you look beautiful and confident. Having straight permanent teeth affects your health and how well you breathe.

The role of Airway Orthodontics extends beyond the cosmetic appeal of a ‘perfect’ smile. It can also save you from sleep apnea by ensuring a wide airway and optimal airflow during sleep. Airway Orthodontics can fix facial alignment to solve headaches, pain, and tiredness from blocked airways.

What is a MARPE Expander?

A MARPE expander is a new technique in orthodontics called Miniscrew Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion that helps with airway issues.

MARPE helps widen the upper jaw, improving dental alignment and allowing for better airflow. Our highly experienced dentists insert micro-implants to achieve this and help you live an amazing, healthier life.

The implants grow and push on the upper jaw bones. This causes the roof of the mouth bones to separate and widen. This expansion improves your face and smile aesthetics and significantly enhances your breathing ability.

The Connection Between Airway Orthodontics and MARPE

With Airway Orthodontics and MARPE, our expert team aims to improve your airway functionality. Airway Orthodontics aligns your nose, mouth, and face, while MARPE widens the upper jaw. Yet, these two aspects are not mutually exclusive but interconnected parts of a comprehensive approach to orthodontics.

MARPE is a critical tool in Airway Orthodontic appliances. It fixes maxillary deficiency without surgery, and MARPE helps achieve Airway Orthodontics goals. Our skilled dentists widen your upper jaw bone to help with breathing and facial structure alignment.

The benefits of integrating MARPE into Airway Orthodontics are extensive. It allows more room for a holistic approach that improves your health and makes you look beautiful and charismatic.

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Case Studies: Successful Application of MARPE in Airway Orthodontics at Aligned Healing

At Aligned Healing, we have successfully implemented MARPE with Airway Orthodontics to treat several cases with notable results.

Case Study 1: Correction of Maxillary Deficiency in a Teenager

A 15-year-old patient presented with a severe maxillary deficiency, causing nasal cavity obstruction and difficulty in breathing. Traditional orthodontics could not offer a comprehensive solution.

Our experienced team of dentists decided to apply the MARPE technique. Over six months, the patient’s maxillary width improved substantially, allowing better airflow and alleviating breathing difficulties. The teenager now enjoys a more confident smile and a significantly improved quality of life.

Case Study 2: Eliminating Sleep Apnea in an Adult

A 40-year-old patient suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) due to restricted oral airways approached us. Our skilled dentists diagnosed the narrowed upper jaw as the primary cause of obstructive sleep apnea. We employed the MARPE technique, gradually expanding the upper jaw over several months. The outcome was a wider mouth air passage, significantly reducing sleep apnea signs, resulting in better sleep and health.

Case Study 3: Overcoming Chronic Facial Pain in a Senior Patient

A 65-year-old patient came to us with complaints of chronic facial pain and headaches. On investigation, our dentists found a link between these symptoms and the patient’s narrowed upper jaw restricting airflow. We instituted the MARPE treatment options to widen the narrow upper jaw further. Over time, the patient experienced a marked reduction in facial pain and reported feeling more energetic and comfortable.

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Airway Orthodontics and MARPE are closely interconnected aspects of orthodontic treatment. While sleep apnea airway management aims to improve overall facial appearance and respiratory function, MARPE tackles maxillary deficiency, a primary cause of airway restriction.

They collaborate effectively to enhance health, breathing, and overall well-being, significantly impacting your quality of life. At Aligned Healing, we use new methods and technology to help with sleep apnea and improve your facial appearance.

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