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Do you or your partner snore while you are sleeping? Are you facing any signs or symptoms of sleep apnea? Do you feel tired when you get up in the morning or while you are awake during the day? If any of this applies to you, call our highly experienced dentist NOW at (303) 226-6265 and start protecting your health today.

At Aligned Healing, our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Safavi, has been helping people with sleep apnea and snoring for many years. She always listens to your unique needs and provides a treatment plan that perfectly aligns with your condition.

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Diagnosis for Your Sleep Apnea Treatment!

Our 3D scanner helps Dr. Safavi check for bone or tissue issues that could lead to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which your throat muscles are too relaxed that they collapse during sleep and block your airway. Our skilled dentist will also do your sleep study to check for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea.

We offer three types of treatment for sleep apnea:

  1. Nighttime mouth guards: Our expert dentists provide these custom-fit mouth guards to reposition your jaw, which allows you to breathe more freely.
  2. Candid Clear Aligners: This treatment for Sleep Apnea increases the space in your airway while aligning your teeth to help you breathe more comfortably.
  3. QuietNite system: Our ultra-modern, non-invasive QuietNite therapy helps open your airway by encouraging your throat and nasal tissue to produce more collagen, which opens your airway to make breathing effortless.

Personalized Sleep Apnea Treatment

When you visit us for your FREE consultation, we digitally scan your teeth using modern laser technology. Our dentist, Dr. Safavi, will review the results to determine your needs and recommend the best treatment plan.

Our customized solutions include multiple options for you. One of our most straightforward solutions is a custom-fit dental sleep mouth guard. We 3D print it just for you in our office. Other sports or Nighttime mouthguards that are not custom-made just for your teeth and mouth can cause jaw pain, misalignment of your teeth, or other damage to your teeth.

We also provide Candid, clear aligners that can help you with your sleep disorders. Candid clear aligners offer dual benefits: they straighten your teeth while also creating more room for your tongue to sit in your mouth to open your airway.

We also offer other solutions, including QuietNite. This treatment uses a laser to tighten throat muscles in 3-4 sessions for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea (CSA). It helps your throat produce more collagen, which makes it more supple and less likely to collapse, creating a breathing obstruction while you are sleeping. It helps open the airway and improve oxygen flow without surgery.

We offer easy, affordable financing and seek the maximum reimbursement of your treatment cost from your dental insurance company.

Schedule your completely FREE, no obligation Sleep apnea and snoring consultation NOW and take the first step toward protecting your mental, physical, and overall health.

How Do You Determine if You Have Sleep Apnea?

Our dentist at Aligned Healing will diagnose your sleep condition by conducting your sleep study. You can do this study either in the comfort of your own home or in a sleep study center. Home sleep apnea tests involve wearing a device overnight to measure your oxygen levels while you sleep. Any distortion in your oxygen level will indicate a sleep disorder or sleep apnea.

Our Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Below are our treatment options that can resolve your sleep apnea symptoms and conditions.

Oral Appliances

At Aligned Healing, our dentists provide mouthpieces that keep your jaw forward and your tongue in the correct position or posture to prevent your airway obstruction. This position allows more air to pass through your throat, making it easier and more comfortable for you to breathe while you are sleeping.

Patients can use oral appliances with a CPAP machine for combination sleep apnea therapy. This can help to lower the pressure from both devices and make managing sleep apnea much easier. During your FREE virtual sleep apnea consultation, we will demonstrate how you can see a possible dental sleep appliance and how you will need to wear it properly at night. This will assist you in achieving a better night’s sleep.

Candid Clear Braces

Our skilled dentist offers Candid, clear braces that give you a confident smile and help improve your breathing patterns. You can get a fantastic smile at the same time while improving your health conditions.


Our dentist offers QuietNite, a non-invasive laser treatment for sleep apnea. It uses a laser to tighten throat muscles and encourage more collagen production. This therapy is helpful for snoring and also improves muscular performance. QuietNite continuously provides relief. It will even help you breathe better during the day, ALL DAY! And it will help you sleep more peacefully at night.

MARPE Or Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE)

Our experienced dentist might recommend a Mini-implant Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion (MARPE) procedure in more severe sleep disorder cases. This treatment helps widen your soft palate and nasal sinuses simultaneously by using a device called MSE for support. Not only can MARPE (MSE) give you a beautiful, confident smile, but it can also help you breathe more easily during the day and while you sleep.

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If you think you have sleep apnea or need a highly experienced dentist for your sleep apnea, Aligned Healing can help diagnose and treat any of your sleep disorder needs. Dr. Safavi is exceptionally good at treating sleep apnea and has helped many patients successfully restore their breathing.

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